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Lately I have felt a yearning within myself that is hard to define or describe, a wanting to reach outwards rather than focus solely on the small sphere around me. Writing a blog seems like the perfect medium for an introvert that also values deep connection. Small talk has always felt intolerable to me; in a blog I can skip all that and get to the meat of an issue or thought. I can use my own experiences, whether painful, embarrassing, or enlightening, to help others that are going through something similar. Most of all, I hope that sharing my experiences will in some small way improve the life of you, my dear readers, and give you a safe place to share what is on your heart as well. I welcome all your comments and questions and look forward to communicating more with you.

Some topics that I hope to explore include marriage/divorce/remarriage, sexuality, relationship issues, depression, eating disorders, motherhood, spirituality, health, and of course the adventures of working as a nurse in a rural hospital. My husband always tells me that I should never regret any of the decisions I have made or things that have happened, as each one has taught me something. Therefore, I will be sharing some of my most joyful as well as my most traumatic experiences. If you find my posts valuable, please let me know if there is a particular area that you would like me to write about.


Published by twirlydressgirl

Sorry I can't share my name, in the interest of protecting the privacy of my friends and family. I am a 37 year old remarried mother of 3 beautiful children, a thinker and adventurer, and a nurse at a rural hospital. I have always been devoted to helping others and exploring the great profoundness of life.

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