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Painting adventures: Anyone can Paint!

I started painting about 10 years ago, with the assistance of the beloved Bob Ross and the encouragement of my husband. I always admired the art of those around me and wished I had those talents, but my husband saw more in me than I did. He surprised me one Christmas with oil painting supplies and an instructional dvd by Mr. Ross.

My first few attempts fell pretty flat but pretty soon, with the practiced hand of Bob guiding me, I was surprising myself by what I could pull off. I paid for most of a mission trip to Kenya by selling paintings, and for a few years even led a painting group at our church. I decided to give that up about a year ago, as I wanted to focus on just the enjoyment of painting and not on how good they turn out. It has become a great outlet for my stress. My mind can just turn off when I don’t worry about the result, and just let things flow.

Here are some of my works. I hope you enjoy them and if so, please let me know. The way people can connect through a certain piece of artwork has delighted me. Be blessed today, and never be afraid to try something new.


Published by twirlydressgirl

Sorry I can't share my name, in the interest of protecting the privacy of my friends and family. I am a 37 year old remarried mother of 3 beautiful children, a thinker and adventurer, and a nurse at a rural hospital. I have always been devoted to helping others and exploring the great profoundness of life.

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